Cooperating Scientists







United Kingdom

Broadley, Martin R., Ph.D.
Plant and Crop Sciences Division, School of Biosciences, University of Nottingham, Leicestershire, United Kingdom


Harmens, Harry, Ph.D.

Chair ICP Vegetation, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Environment Centre Wales, Deiniol Road, Bangor, Gwynedd LL57 2UW, UK,

Harvey, Patricia J., Prof. Dr.
Centre for Biosciences Research, Medway School of Science, The University of Greenwich at Medway, Kent, United Kingdom


Hillman, John, Prof. Dr.

James Hutton Institute, Invergowrie, UK


Hooda, Peter, Ph.D.

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing, Department of Geography, Geology and Environment, Kingston University,

London, UK


Lee, John, Prof. Dr.

Department of Animal and Plant Sciences, The University of Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom


Lepp, Nicholas W, Prof. Dr. 

School of Biological and Earth Sciences, Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool, United Kingdom


McKellar, Quintin, Prof. dr.

Vice-Chancellor, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, Herts, UK



Ramsey, Michael, Prof. Dr. 

School of Life Sciences, Department for Evolution, Behaviour and Environment, University of Sussex, United Kingdom

Thornton, Ian, Prof. Dr. (emeritus)

Imperial College Centre for Environmental Technology, South Kensington Campus, London, United Kingdom

Team members

Prof. Dr. Bernd Markert

Dr. SimoneWünschmann

Prof. Dr. Edita BALTRĖNAITĖ-GEDIENĖ Lithuania

Prof. Dr. Eun-Shik Kim, South Korea

Prof. Dr. Silvia De Marco, Argentina

Prof. Dr. Marinus Otte, USA

Dr. Meie Wang, China

Dr. Benno Böer, Ethiopia