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Markert et al.


Information gain in environmental monitoring through bioindication and biomonitoring methods ("B & B technologies") and phytoremediation processes–with special reference to the Biological System of Chemical Elements (BSCE) under specific consideration of Lithium


Bioactive Compounds in Health and Disease; 3(11): 214-250



Boston USA, Sept 2019


27th International Conference of FFC –

15th International Symposium of ASFFBC

Functional Foods, Bioactive Compounds and Biomarkers: Health Promotion and Disease Management


Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at

Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA



Prof. Bernd Markert, Hermann Bohle

"Bildung befriedet die Welt'

LITHIUM - latest publication & research


Open Access - Markert B, Wünschmann S, Rinklebe J, Fränzle S, Ammari T (2018) The Biological System of the Chemical Elements (BSCE) and the role of Lithium for mental health care. Bioactive Compounds in Health and Disease 2018; 1(1): 1-15.


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During our participation in the conference organized by the Arab Academy of Sciences in Beirut and travelling around the Middle East we had the possibility to speak to colleagues from Syria, Palestine (Westbank & Gaza Strip), Jordan, USA, Israel etc. about education at Universities and social activities...



Israel  Palestine   Jordan  Lebanon, Oct - Nov 2017

6th "In-between-tour" Israel/Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon

Arab Academy of Sciences Beirut, Lebanon



The Netherlands, Nov 2017

Doctoral Defence, TU Delft, 16 Nov 2017

B.J. Henriques Vieira "Biomonitor-Reflection of Large-Distance Air Mass Transported Trace Elements"

Boston, USA, Sep 2017

22nd Intern. Conference of FFC

Functional Food and Chronic Diseases

Harvard Medical School, Boston, 22-23 Sep 2017


Beijing, China, Aug 2017

12th INTECOL Congress, Beijing, China

20-25 August 2017


Emerging Pollutants in the Global Change Scenario
Bernd Markert, Stefan Fränzle, Simone Wünschmann and Peter Menke-Glückert

Greece, May 2017

15-18 May 2017, Athens, Greece

Education & Research


Bilingual Education:


Opportunities and Challenges



Cairo, Luxor, Egypt, March 2017

Conference on Biological, Environmental Sciences Applications, Luxor, Egypt, 23-25 March 2017




"5th In-Between-Tour 2016" through Lebanon-Israel-Palestine (Westbank & Gaza Strip)


Ghent, Belgium, Sep 2016

Gdansk, Poland

The 15th Workshop on Progress in Trace Metal Speciation for Environmental Analytical Chemistry in September 2016 took place at the Technical University of Gdansk (Poland). Read more...

New design of BioMAP


BioMAP - Biomonitoring of Atmospheric Pollution -


is an international scientific organization that provides an opportunity for an inter-change of ideas among researchers, policy-makers and practitioners in environmental sciences. Attention will be focused on qualitative and quantitative aspects on biomonitoring of atmospheric pollutants with biological species.


Chairman: Prof. Dr. Bert Wolterbeek, NL

Secretary General: Dr. Simone Wünschmann, DE

Dr. Simone Wünschmann

Board Member



Dr. Simone Wünschmann is new board member of the Association Liberal Academics (Verband Liberaler Akademiker).


Verband Liberaler Akademiker (VLA)




Lecturing at Technical University of Gdansk, Poland, March 2016


Lectures at the Faculty of Chemistry, Department of Analytical Chemistry.

Joining the 13th International Conference of the Arab Academy of Sciences (AAS) on

"Climate Change and Water-Energy-Nexus

in the Arab Middle East” in Jordan

and journey through Israel/Palestine in Dec. 2015


Please have a look to the impressions of our


through Jordan, Israel, Palestine



Prof. Dr. Bernd Markert and Dr. Simone Wünschmann joined the

13th ICOBTE Conference in Japan, July 12-16, 2015.

Left: Dr. Simone Wünschmann, Prof. Dr. Bernd Markert, Prof. Dr. Jörg Rinklebe, Prof. Dr. Anna Knox. Right: Prof. Dr. Rainer Schulin (next organizer of ICOBTE 14 at ETH Zürich in 2017), Dr. Simone Wünschmann, Prof. Dr. Bernd Markert.

Fukushima Excursion

After the ICOBTE Conference in Fukuoka we had the possibility to join the Fukushima Excursion organized by the University of Fukushima.It is over four years since the Great East Japan Earthquake/ tsunami and the subsequent nuclear accident happened. In this excursion starting in Sendai, it was possible to visit Okuma, a town located at approximately 5 km west of TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Until today Okuma is a restricted area (difficult to return zone). Within this area members of the Fukushima University are operating experimental fields to examine ways to reduce radiocesium uptake by crops.

Experimental Field of the University of Fukushima in the restricted area Okuma (dificult to return zone), approximately 5 km west of TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (16th July 2015).

About 80 participants from 20 countries joined the BIOMAP workshop.



The 7th International Workshop on Biomonitoring of Atmospheric Pollution (BIOMAP) was held in the city of Lisbon, Portugal, from June 14-19 2015.
This was the third time that BIOMAP has been organized in Lisbon. We would like to say thank you for that fantastic and successfully important meeting especially to the members of the Instituto Superior Técnico:

Marta Almeida, Marina Almeida-Silva, Joana Lage, Carla Ramos, Catarina Galinha, Nuno Canha,Tiago Faria, Alexandra Silva, Maria do Carmo Freitas and Isabel Dionísio

Board of BIOMAP

(left to right) Dr. Stefano Loppi (University of Siena, Italy), Dr. Simone Wünschmann (EISN-Institute, Germany), Prof. Dr. Bernd Markert (EISN-Institute, Germany), Prof. Dr. Bert Wolterbeek (TU Delft, Netherlands), Prof. Dr. Maria do Carmo Freitas (IST, Portugal), Dr. Marta Almeida (IST, Portugal)

Prof. Dr. Bernd Markert / Dr. Simone Wünschmann

BioMAP 7

Biomonitoring of Atmospheric Pollution

14 - 19 June 2015, Lisbon, Portugal


New board members of BioMAP are

Prof. Dr. Bernd Markert and Dr. Simone Wünschmann.

Information of the conference.

Prof. Dr. Bernd Markert / Dr. Simone Wünschmann


We welcome our new Team Member Dr. Benno Böer


Dr. Benno Böer assists the Director and UNESCO Representative to Ethiopia, the African Union and UNECA, with the routine and day-to-day management of the UNESCO Liaison Office. He leads the science team of the Addis Abeba Office, in order to foster science-based sustainable environmental development in Ethiopia and Member States of the African Union. Further on, he actively supports the Regional Coordination Mechanisms (RCMs) with the African Union, UNECA and sister UN agencies in the fields (RCM Environment, Population, Urbanization, RCM Science & Technology, RCM Agriculture).

More detailed information you will find here.


International Conference on Water-Energy Nexus and Waste Treatment for a Sustainable Arab World


Beirut - Lebanon, 6-7 December 2013

Prof. Dr. Bernd Markert and Dr. Simone Wünschmann from the EISN-Institute were invited speakers of the conference in Beirut that was organized by the Arab Academy of Sciences (American University) of Beirut, The Future University Khartoum, Sudan, the UNESCO Regional Bureau of Education in the Arab States and the Petra University, Amman, Jordan.



Team members

Prof. Dr. Bernd Markert

Dr. SimoneWünschmann

Prof. Dr. Edita BALTRĖNAITĖ-GEDIENĖ Lithuania

Prof. Dr. Eun-Shik Kim, South Korea

Prof. Dr. Silvia De Marco, Argentina

Prof. Dr. Marinus Otte, USA

Dr. Meie Wang, China

Dr. Benno Böer, Ethiopia